If you meet an obstruction on a local walk, we would like to encourage you to report it directly to the Worcestershire or Herefordshire authorities, as appropriate.

You are strongly encouraged to report prolems you find on walks as otherwise they will never be fixed. To report a PROW problem, please send details of the complaint to countryside@worcestershire.gov.uk or speak to the PROW dept at Worcestershire County Council. You will need to provide as much detail as possible, ie Parish, exact location of problem (by OS map grid reference if posible), type of problem eg broken stile, missing bridge, vegetation overgrowth, missing fingerpost, dangerous animals, intimidation etc.

It is always helpful and generally more accurate but not essential if you can also identify the path number, eg Kempsey  KP-524(C). The path number can be obtained by going to the WCC GIS map at https://gis.worcestershire.gov.uk/website/Countryside/   and then zooming in to the problem area to see the paths (in broken red or green) and clicking on the problem path to obtain the parish and path number.